Michael 'Tex' Hex
Information Transmogrifier


My name is Michael Hex, living in Speyer (Germany), close to France. My call sign is TeX HeX and this is my personal homepage.

About me

I don't think of myself as a software- or system architect, neither as a software artist, but as a Transmogrifier. That's because in IT it's all about transmogrifying data from A to B, no matter what you do.

Saying that, you don't wonder that my blog is called Information Transmogrification as well.


Please see Projects to the left if you are interested in the open-source or freeware software I have created.


Beside computers, I enjoy riding with my BMW K1300S through Germany and France. You may have a look at my tours and tracks at GPSies.com.


If you want to contact me, please see Contact me.

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